Sabon Facial Soap series Macadamia Nut Oil Soap

Rose Facial Soap 50g

Sabon Facial Soap series

Macadamia Nut Oil Soap

Wash is moist and smooth
Only macadamia nut oil is used as raw material oil, and vegetable squalane is blended. The fragrance is not a synthetic fragrance, but a fragrance with essential oils.
It is manufactured by a cold manufacturing method that matures slowly and slowly at low temperatures.


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Sabonya Sumire Savon Facial Soap 50g

Sabonya Sumire Savon Facial Soap 50g


How to use

【How to dissolve soap】 Wet both hands and soap with lukewarm water and dissolve with the palm of your hand. 【How to wash】 Start washing from the T zone and carefully blend in with dirt and Soundation. Blend in with your finger belly, drying easy cheeks and mouth lightly. Rinse the basin with lukewarm water (32 to 34 degrees Celsius for an appropriate temperature). 20 or more times is a guide.

Please pay attention

  • ・Should this product not fit your skin or have an abnormality on your skin, discontinue use and consult a doctor.
  • ・Be careful not to get in your eyes. Should this get in your eyes, rinse immediately with cold or lukewarm water.
  • ・To prevent the growth of bacteria, keep the mouth of the container clean and do not touch the mouth directly.
  • ・Please use as soon as possible because neither product uses preservatives or preservatives.
  • ・ Because we use 100% natural raw materials, the color and smell may change.

  • [Precautions for storage] ・ Please keep out of reach of infants.
  • ・Be sure to close the cap tightly after use.
  • ・Do not use preservatives, preservatives, etc., so store them in a cool and dark place and use them as soon as possible. (If light or heat hits, it may cause fading and participation.) )
  • ・Store in a place with little moisture.


Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsMacadamia nut oil, purified water, sodium hydroxide, squalane, fragrance (essential oil)