Aura Chikunetsu Ashiyu Kibun Bedrock bath & footbath mood anytime, anywhere

Aura tikunetuashiyu Half

Bedrock bath & footbath mood anytime, anywhere

Large size of the activity in various scenes
If you fasten the button, you will be in a footbump and feel easy footbath.
It is also ideal for kneeling and car seats.

Size: 70×110cm


About Aura Chikunetsu Ashiyu Kibun

・ At the feet when sleeping

・ For kneeling at a relaxing time

・ For coldness measures during drive

Happy features

1. Warm firmly with heat storage effect

2. Electricity fee is 0 yen

3. It is warm but hard to get dirty

4. Far infrared rays exert power

5. Natural antibacterial properties

6. Natural deodorizing

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Aura tikunetuashiyu

Aura tikunetuashiyu

Size: 70×110cm Weight: About 380g



Product Typebedding
Country of manufacturemade in Japan
IngredientsSide: 100% polyester, 100% polyester (contains natural ore aura stone)

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