Hemp Seeds Oil For health and beauty

Certified Organic Hemp Oil 250ml

Hemp Seeds Oil

For health and beauty

It has a nutty aroma and is hidden when added to your dishes. Try to find your favorite way to eat it, such as putting it in soup, putting it on salad, or putting it on bread.


About Hemp Seeds Oil

"Hemp Seeds oil" certified by Australia organically.

It does not contain trans fatty acids or cholesterol, and essential fatty acids can be taken in the optimal balance.

It is packed with abundant nutrients that are often lacking in modern people, such as proteins, essential Mineral Foods, and essential fatty acids that are second to none in soybeans called "field meat". When added to the daily table, the deliciousness is greatly improved, and it supports the making of a healthy and beautiful body.

In order to prevent oxidation, we use a light-shielding bottle.


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