Biorubber aerodome supporter

BIORUBBER Aerodome support-knee pad

Aerodome Supporters were developed with long experience by specialized medical staff such as doctors, physiotherapists, sports trainers, and medical radiation engineers. It is a supporter designed to analyze the movement of the joints so that they can walk in the best condition.


About Biorubber aerodome supporter

Equipped with a stabilizer pad that firmly supports the knee plate (half moonbed).

I made walking stability more.

A 3-D positioning bar that can be attached and detached is adopted in the knee.

Supports walking in the correct posture.

It demonstrates great support power even for long walks.

Newly developed Biorubberaerodome material is used.

It has excellent breathability and elasticity, and supports the body in all seasons.

Biorubber's micro closed cell is characterized.

How to use

How to measure the size

Please choose from the table by the dimensions (circumference diameter) of about 14cm above the knee and the circumference diameter from the plate of the knee.

If the measured value is at the boundary, please choose a larger size. (The table is only a guide.) )


Country of manufactureJapan

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