Biorubb eraerodome belt zero Recommended for coldness and upset of the tummy and hips

BIORUBBER Aerodome belt zero

Biorubb eraerodome belt zero

Recommended for coldness and upset of the tummy and hips

Balance your pelvis with a plus-one
The BIOROUBBER series is based on high-purity limestone containing more than 99.7% calcium carbonate, and contains rare metals in a rubber with a honeycomb structure due to micro bubbles, which is a proprietary manufacturing method, and emits biowave (infrared) that is beneficial to the human body. First of all, the feeling is different! (*There is an individual difference) Anyway, "It's warm!". It is an item that the body comes to be poka pokoka, and it becomes energetic.


About Biorubb eraerodome belt zero

"BIORUBBER" which is not magnetic and does not need a power supply, is a belt type that is convenient to carry for going out.

It is made to fit the waist and waist by 3-D three-dimensional cutting.

I put in red stitching and put out the stylishness.

Biorubber belt with the best breathability.

- Pelvic balance can be adjusted by wearing a zero position band.

The zero position band can be removed if necessary.

The zero position band does not use BIORUBBER material.

How to use

Please roll it comfortably from the top of thin clothing so that the purple side attaches to the body.

If you are interested, you can gently massage with your hands from the top of the attached BIORUBBER.


Country of manufactureJapan

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