"Makomo" has also attracted attention as an excellent water purification and environmental purification.

Its components include vitaminA, C, E, which greatly exceeds the standard value, protein that is more than twice as much as rice, Dietary Fiber Food, Mineral Food, Calcium, iron, etc., and is attracting attention in the field of nutrients.

Makoto is a large perennial grass of the Poaceae family that grows naturally everywhere at the water's edge, such as in swamps, rivers, and rice paddy waterways. It takes root in the underwater mud soil, shoot-like shoots in the spring, and by summer grows to a height of 1 to 2 meters or more.

In addition, depending on the region, Makoto is also called katsumi, hanakatsumi, gakko, comokusa, etc. The existence of the Shinigami has been known since the time of mythology, and it is also described in the Kojiki, Japan Shoki, and Man'yōshū. Even in modern times, cases where it is offered to the gods and Buddhas are often seen.

It is well known that the symbol of Ise Jingu Shrine is "hemp", but it is not well known that the symbol of Izumo Taisha is "Makoto".

That thick rope of Izumo Taisha. It's made of vernacularity.

Makoto remains as a shrine not only in Izumo Taisha in Shimane, but also in many shrines such as Kanda Akikami in Tokyo, Katori Shrine in Chiba, Hikawa Shrine in Saitama, and Usa Shrine in Oita.

The relationship between the True Buddha and the Japan is not only related to divine affairs, but also to Buddhist affairs. There is a Buddha story that the Buddha was treated by laying the sick on a bed that he knitted with a true chrysanthemum, and it is said that this was transmitted to Japan and he began to offer "bongoza" and "bonshu" knitted with true chrysanthemum on the tray.

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