Sonbahyu Skin CreamFirst class Horse Oil Skin Cream

For all your skin troubles

Use of the finest horse oil

Sonbahyu is an oil (cream) with abundant natural ingredients extracted from good quality horse fat.

Horse oil, which has ingredients very similar to human fat, penetrates into the skin easily and finely.

We do not use chemicals at all, so there is no need to worry if your child utters it.

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Sonbahyu skin oil fragrance-free 75ml Horse oil

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Others 3 entities

About Sonbahyu Skin Cream

This product is the highest grade pure horse oil for beautiful skin and beautiful face using only high-quality horse oil limited to the variety.

It has excellent moisturizing properties, so it is ideal for preparing your skin at night.

It can be used for various applications such as beauty and all skin troubles.

It can also be used for delicate skin.