Oryzae SeriesEnzyme Powder

Focusing on yeast producing Enzyme, we stably cultured hundreds of types of koji mold, yeast, lactic acid bacteria, etc.

It is a product made of easy-to-drink granulation by adding kidachiaroe dokudami.

Chemical products and additives are not used at all, so you can enjoy it with confidence.

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Oryzae 210 Enzyme Powder

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Oryzae B1 Enzyme Powder

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Oryzae Enzyme Powder

Others 6 entities

About Oryzae Series

"Vegetable fermented food orise" was developed with an eye to enzymes produced by koji, yeast, and lactic acid bacteria.

Orise does not use any food additives, coagulants, or chemical substances, but is made only from natural materials from Saga Prefecture.

Kidachiaroe Dokudami is limited to those grown on their own farms.

Please use our trusted and proven orise products, which have been loved for over 60 years.