Enjoy daily washing♪ remove dirt, cut odors and make clothes beautiful. Laundry's lineup is safe and secure, which is friendly to both skin and the environment.

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Shilingol Jyuusou Baking Soda

Mother touch Kitchen & Laundry

Bio Joe No synthetic surfactants

Bamboo Kitchen Soap 100% natural ingredients born from bamboo

Bamboo laundry and kitchen orangemint 500ml Foaming type of cleaning agent

Bamboo laundry and kitchen 500ml Contains Take Mineral Food

Bamboo laundry and kitchen bath water 500ml Safe for sensitive skin such as babies

Cosmo NONI Powder Soap Natural laundry detergent with 100% natural fats and oils

Sincrose Laundry Powder

Mama no Kimoti Baby Sentaku Senzai Laundry Detergent for Baby

Others 12 entities