Kusuripicture"Medicinal Painting (Kusurie)"

Color and shape heal and heal human beings. The power of "Kusuripicture"

We believe that pictures, colors, and figures are greatly involved in the human mind and body, consciousness, and energy, and that they can be substitutes for meds. A powerful tool composed of colors and shapes that incorporate the concepts of mathematics and physics, sacred Ikunan studies, and the ancient Katakamuna script. Many people have already felt the effects of this.

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Kusurie minitowel

KusurieKatakamuna Goldendoragon Syo "Kusuripicture" that can connect with My Dragon

Kusulie face towel "Healing goods" that can be used in various scenes

Kusulie Hand towel Making the Light in the Subconscious Mind Shine

Kusulie handkerchief A healing handkerchief that can be used stylishly on a daily basis

Kusurie tenugui Strongly influence on life

Kusulie Blackeye Gaias Can absorb electromagnetic waves to supplement Bio Energy

Kusulie katakamuna Emblem Golden Dragon Patch

Kusurie Gauze face towel Gauze Face Towel

Kusurie Glass panel Kusuripicture that can be hung on the wall or enjoyed as an interior

Others 10 entities