Kineuchi MenChewy texture

Grain's original natural flavor

Noodles that bring out the taste of the ingredient powder and contain the fresh aroma without missing it.

By selecting and blending only good-flavored ingredients without the need for tethering or additives, it has a moderate noodle texture and a smooth texture.

In addition, the soup of the rice caneuchi does not use chemical Seasoningother, and the flavor and taste are possible only with carefully selected fresh natural ingredients.

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Kineuchi Men Soba Delicious buckwheat noodles

Kineuchi Men Natukasi Udon Chewy texture and firmness

Udon for hot pot 100% Hokkaido flour

Kineuchi Men Curry Udon Japanese flavor

Kineuchi Men Kisimen Nodogoshi is a sly

Kineuchi Men Zaru Udon Limited time

kineuchimen nihachisoba 28Soba noodles

Others 7 entities

About Kineuchi Men

The kneading method is a manufacturing method that takes advantage of the characteristics of the material powder, completely converts the protein contained in the flour into gluten in the best condition, and completely alfers it under uniform conditions in fine particles.

The natural sweetness and flavor of grains, which cannot be tasted with conventional noodles, is exquisite.

It is also characterized by noodles that do not go away until you finish eating.