"Katakamuna" by Dr. Nobuhiro Maruyama

There was a civilization called Katakamuna long before the Jomon period. Nothing remains of the description of that civilization other than its resemblance to waka poetry and the myth of Katakamuna Utahi. Therefore, the Katakamuna civilization has been shrouded in mystery for a long time.

However, when I carefully read Katakamuna Utahi, I found that it also described the cutting-edge theories of modern physics and supersciences that modern science has not reached.

Katakamuna Utahi was not just a myth, but a super-scientific book that surpassed modern science.

Not only that, but what was surprising was that the design of Katakamuna Utahi itself had the effect of creating a "space around people that makes dreams come true." This is because Katakamuna Utahi is a graphical representation of the shapes of elementary particles that the Katakamuna people saw there, reflecting their consciousness in a high-dimensional space. In fact, when using Livingware, which is engraved with the figure of Katakamuna Utahi, the elementary particles that make up the space around the person and the human body resonate with the elementary particle figure called Katakamuna Utahi, and miracles occur one after another. Katakamuna Utahi's ability to energize people, work on the brain to improve circulation, and help realize dreams may be gifts from ancient civilizations.

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Others 15 entities