"Katakamuna" by Dr. Shuhiro Maruyama

There was a civilization called Kakamuna long ago than in the Jomon period. The description of the civilization is similar to Waka and left nothing but the myth of Katakamuna Utahy. Therefore, the Katakamuna civilization remained shrouded in mystery for a long time.

However, when I carefully read katakamuna utahi, I also wrote about the cutting-edge theories of modern physics and the superscience that modern science has not reached.

Katakamuna Utahi was not just a myth, but a superscience book that surpassed modern science.

Not only that, but surprisingly, the design of Takakamuna Utahi itself had the effect of creating a "space that fulfills dreams" around people. This is because Katakamuna Utahi is a graphic of the Katakamuna people reflecting their consciousness in a high-dimensional space and copying the shapes of elementary particles seen there. In fact, with Livingware engraved with katakamuna utahi shapes, the elementary particles that make up the space around a person and the human body re-behave with an elementary particle shape called Katakamuna Utahi, and what should be called a miracle happens one after another. The work of katakamuna Utakahi to energize people and the ability to work on the brain to improve the tour and help realize dreams may be a gift from ancient civilizations.

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KatakamunaEMnanofullereneplate High-wave ceramic multi-eye plate



Katakamunabarrel Barerukoa powers up


Katakamuna philosopher's stone High affinity for the human body




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