If you go to shrines and temples that have existed since ancient times, do you feel a refreshing but refreshing atmosphere? Such a healing space and an activated space have been called "Iyashirochi" for a long time.

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FUF Ceramic and Neural Food Activators

Iyashiro Super Stick Surisuri Kun Ore Power

Sawayaka Suna Just scatter it in the garden.

Sukoyaka Pot Type Just put it in a comfortable space

Iyashiro Super Stick Push Kun Push where you care

Others 5 entities

About Iyasiroti

It is a space where the air is fresh and clean, the body relaxes, and the mind becomes calm.

We know that people's breathing is relaxed, their mood is comfortable, and their health is easy to maintain.

In search of such a comfortable space, more and more people are working on iyashirochi, not only in their lives, but also in stores, hotels, hospitals, and other daily life to business.

Since the ear siloti space is a reduction place rich in negative ions, it promotes health, makes food less likely to rot, makes buildings more durable, and makes food delicious.

It is also said that business prospers.

We select the most optimal material according to the purpose, such as adjusting the magnetic field by carbon burying, spatial activation method using ceramic materials, and ion adjustment of space by the work of natural ore. All natural materials use their inherent power, so the effect of ear whitening does not disappear.

As a new technology, it has attracted attention from all industries and has made many achievements.