iLiR Bio SolutionHigh Oxidized Water Kincare

For soft and elastic skin

Most Skin Lotions and latex are distilled water. So iLiR changed this water itself. "High oxidizing water" with excellent moisturizing power leads to skin that is less likely to cause trouble. No preservatives, alcohols or surfactants are used.

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iLiR Bio Solution Aqua High-performance Skin Lotion

iLiR Bio Solution Moist High-performance latex

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About iLiR Bio Solution

In general lotion, 80~90% is distilled water (pure water) and the remaining 10~20% is beauty ingredients.

The iLiR Biosolution Series has been pursuing what to do to give more moisture to your skin for three years.

By making not only beauty ingredients but also the majority of the water "high oxidizing water", we have created lotion and latex that are more moisturized and do not require preservatives.