Warm your body from the core with the power of far infrared rays♪ and it's as if it's in the sun and your heart is warm. LippLi's Heating lineup.

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Yumedanbo Danwashitsu Far-Infrared Panel Heater

electric carpet Hot carpet with 99% cut of electromagnetic waves

electricheatmat Electromagnetic wave cut electricheatmat

spotwarm Far infrared desk heater

footelectricheatmat Recommended for those who can not sleep because their toes are cold.

Maika M1000 Far-Infrared Panel Heater

lumbusheater Whether it's a chair or a sofa, wraps a cold waist around with warmth

Urban Hot Ultra-thin far infrared heater

Electric heating blanket Electromagnetic Wave 99% Cut Hanging Electric Blanket

Aluminum panel heater icoro i-750 Aluminum panel heater ideal for toilet heat shock countermeasures!

Others 16 entities