FUFCeramic and Neural Food Activators

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■ FUF Activation System Plan - Space Activation -

An environment where organisms and substances become energetic!

The FUF activation method, which creates an activation space, demonstrates the original power of substances and creates an activation environment that is difficult to oxidize.

It is a new technology of iyashirochi making that pays attention to returning to the original substance when the changed substance is placed in the activation space.

It can be executed "easily, quickly, and freely", and has the power to solve various problems.

Others 9 entities

FUF Plate Ultra-powerful activation of ingredients

FUF Belt When the body is too good and it is trai

FUF Iyasiro no Mizu Kirara Activated water from all faucets through the house

FUF Powder Revitalize every scene of your life

FUF Mini Black Revitalizing water and food

FUF Line Hard Super easy activation of water and plants

FUF Sheet Body activation

FUF Net Easily activate any place and thing

FUF Net Hard Easily make every place and things ikiki

Others 9 entities

About FUF

From a degraded environment to an activated environment

Degraded environment

Oxidation and decay

Bad smell, good bacteria

Generation of pests and static electricity

Adhesion of dirt

Waste of energy

From such an environment to [activation environment by FUF activation method]!

◎The original power of the substance is put out (it becomes energetic)

◎Quality improvement and long-lasting

◎Cozy environment

◎Energy-saving effect

Those who prefer a degraded environment become less and less energetic, and those who prefer an activated environment become more and more energetic.