Because it is every day to eat, things that are easy for people and nature. Keep the freshness of the ingredients deliciously. After your meal, you can wash the dishes with eco-detergent♪ lipli's Dishliquid lineup that can be used with peace of mind even for delicate skin.

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Shilingol Jyuusou Baking Soda

Nongerm Rice and soybean eco-detergents

Toreru No1 Ecology Bio Cleaner

Mother touch Kitchen & Laundry

Tera Powerwash

Bamboo Kitchen Soap 100% natural ingredients born from bamboo

Citric-Acid The Power of Nature

Bamboo laundry and kitchen orangemint 500ml Foaming type of cleaning agent

Bamboo laundry and kitchen 500ml Formulated with Take Mineral Food

Bamboo laundry and kitchen bath water 500ml Safe for sensitive skin such as babies

Others 10 entities