Carica Papaya

Papaya fermentation Supplement that you can eat and feel. 100% Papaya! It's a total natural Supplement. For those who are concerned about the condition of the body.

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Carica Celapi Papaya Powder

CaricaYoku Carica Papaya Bath Powder

Vegetalcaricasoap 100% vegetable oil derived

wannyancarica Carica Cecapi for pets

Carica drop 1 tablet to support health and beauty

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About Carica Papaya

Papaya is also known as Papaya Mokka or Bankaju.

It is a tropical fruit with a sweet and strong aroma.

Papayas were discovered by the Spaniards in the 16th century and were introduced to the Caribbean coast. Papayas were introduced to the East in the 18th century. In the Meiji period( 1868-1912), papaya were introduced to Japan under the name of melon and manjuka.

Today, papaya are cultivated in warm regions such as Southern Kyushu and the Nansei Islands.

Tropical fruit papaya native to tropical America is called carica papaya.

It is a plant belonging to the family Chichiurinoki and is an evergreen small tree that grows with strong fertility while withstanding intense ultraviolet rays in the tropics.

In particular, blue papaya contains 10 times more enzymes than ripe papayas so that it is called the katamari of enzymes, so it is said that it is the best fruit to solve the enzyme shortage in modern humans.