Carica Papaya

Papaya fermentation Supplement that you can eat and feel. Papaia 100%! It is a totally natural Supplement. For those who are interested in the condition of their bodies.

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Carica Celapi Papaya Powder

CaricaYoku Carica Papaya Bath Powder

Vegetalcaricasoap 100% vegetable oil

wannyancarica Carica Celapi for pets

Carica drop 1 grain to support health and beauty

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About Carica Papaya

Papaya is also known as "Papaya Mokuka蕃 also known as "Bankaju".

It is a fruit of the south country, and it is a fruit that smells sweet and strong.

Papaia was discovered by the Spanied in the 16th century and was transmitted to the Caribbean coast. Papaya was transmitted to the East in the 18th century. In the Meiji era, papaya 蕃 in Japan by the name of "Manjuka".

Today, papaya is grown in warm regions and regions such as southern Kyushu and the Nansei Islands in Japan.

Papaia, a tropical American tropical fruit, is called Carica Papaia.

It is a plant belonging to the family Chichiurinoki family, and it is an evergreen small tree that grows with strong reproductive power while enduring intense ultraviolet rays in the tropics.

In particular, blue papaya contains 10 times more enzymes than ripe papaya, so it is said to be the perfect fruit to solve the lack of enzymes in modern people.