BIORUBBER is a product recommended as the first health device of the Japan Society of General Medicine to provide the most appropriate "tailor-made medical care" for each patient.

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Bio Rubber Standard Mat emit infrared rays without using electricity

Neck Ring radiate good waves to the body

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● Happy working of bio rubber

Ultraviolet rays emitted from bio rubber are absorbed from human skin, and it is thought that about 70% of the water molecules that make up the body are excited by the ultraviolet rays.

The wave is amplified by the healthy water molecule, and the inside of the body is warmed by the movement.

●Features of bio rubber

・ Bio rubber emits ultraviolet rays without using electricity.

In addition, the bio rubber itself has a synthetic rubber body with an independent air package (closed cell structure), and the surface (back surface) has a three-layer structure that integrates a knit structure in which threads are knitted vertically and horizontally.

・ Bio rubber is a new material that warms the body using light energy.

You can feel the warmth just by just a few minutes on your skin.

Since it is a material with a ultraviolet spectroscopic emissivity of 80% or more, ultraviolet rays emitted from bio rubber are thought to be smoothly absorbed by the body.