BhadoChange the quality of electromagnetic waves

New materials born from new ideas

Electromagnetic waves, Supplement additives, chemical synthetics...

In everyday life, many unavoidable Stress factors.

We continue to be affected in no small way, both physically and in terms of airflow. In modern society, it is difficult to avoid these completely.

Then, "Bhado" is to convert the nature from the negative to the positive.

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Bhado for Car The popular Bihadow

Bhado Multi Function Powerful type that can be used anything

Bhado Mayty Chain Sprinkle on the faucet and turn tap water into a healing Bhado

Bhado Tubopita Just put it on the place you care about

Bhado for Mobile Phone Add a healing effect by pasting it on your mobile phone

Bhado Pendant Bhado in the body by wearing it

Bhado Bracelet Gold Bhado in the body by wearing it

Bhado makurakusa Good sleep with quality sleep

Bhado for Pocket Bhado for food and drink

Bhado Iyasi No Yu Give healing action

Others 10 entities

About Bhado

Bhado has a special treatment on materials made of aluminum and trace elements.

It has the function of resonating with the energy of the ultrafine region that is the source of the healing frequency.

With this resonance, the Bhado body naturally repeatedly accumulates and releases healing frequencies.

The Bhado series affects the target person and object, feels healing, and softens negative factors such as distortion and disharmony.

And its effect lasts semi-permanently.

* "Bhado" products are made based on the repulsion theory, which is a hypothesis of the developer, President Worthara Kawakami Midori Co., Ltd.

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