Aura Stone

Aura Stone is a ignified rock in which magma erupted by an undersea volcano hundreds of millions of years ago was rapidly cooled by seawater containing various Mineral Food. The official name is "Holumbren Docomington Flash Iron Rock", a volcanic deep sea stone (porous natural ore).

There are three kinds of ores such as Sansengoku red, Sansen ishi blue, sunspot flower serpentine, quartz variation rock, and these natural ores are collectively called Aura Stone.

It emits far infrared rays with wavelengths close to people, has excellent heat retention and heat storage properties, and has natural antibacterial and deodorizing properties.

Others 21 entities

Heatley air Heatley air series

Aura Chikunetsu Natural ore into fiber

Aura Stone Sauna Health and combustion inner that can be used all year round

Fusigi na Felt In the place where the body is tired or it gets cold

Aura Iiyudane Bedrock bath in the bath at home

Footwarmer For cold, swelling, standing work of the toes

Aura Health Band Warm one's stomach and hips with far infrared rays

Aura Shoulder Supporter Elimination of stiff shoulders and 50 shoulder problems

Aura Chikunetsu Hot Pantyliner Warm liner

Oyasumi Supporter Supporter for sleep

Others 21 entities

About Aura Stone

※ For sanitary products, returns after wearing are prohibited. Please understand it beforehand.