Linseed oil Natural oil from New Zealand

Linseed oil

Linseed oil

Natural oil from New Zealand

To maintain daily health
Four points
1. Low-temperature press squeezed unrefined (Teon-asaku Misesei)
It is squeezed at low temperatures, so it does not contain trans fatty acids.
2. Black bottle (light shielding)
It protects oil from light such as sunlight and fluorescent lamps. Oil oxidizes with light
3. Organic JAS certification
- It is made of pesticide-free and organic cultivation (organic), so there is no need to worry about pesticides
4. Refreshing taste
~ Recommended for those who are not good at the unique flavor of flaxseed oil ~


About Linseed oil

Recommended for those like this!

● Those who have a bias in the diet ● Those who want to diet well ● Those who want to clean the bare skin

● Those who are busy with work ● Those who have a lot of Stress ● Those who smoke cigarettes

● Those who play sports ● those who are easy to get tired ● Those who are not in good physical condition

Those who are aiming to recover physical strength during and after illness

Those who want to make daily nutrition easy

These goods have the other line-ups

Linseed oil in a set of 3

Linseed oil in a set of 3


How to use

Mix it with natto or put it in bread. (Nutrients are not lost even if it is put on baked bread.)

Please pay attention

  • Do not heat. Please use it directly or for dishes that do not heat (dressing, etc.).


Product TypeFood
IngredientsOrganic edible flaxseed oil Nutritional information: Per 100g: Energy 882kcal Protein 0g Lipid 100g Carbohydrate 0g Salt equivalent 0.0017g Content: Per 100g: Omega 3 58-65g Trans fatty acid 0g