Xtera p-up terahertz iron The lysy straight of the damage extreme reduction yearning

XTERA P-UP Straight Iron

The lysy straight of the damage extreme reduction yearning

Short time straight at low temperature 130°C
Overturns the common sense of hair irons. Leads to straight hair with a good feel even at low temperatures of 130°C.


About Xtera p-up terahertz iron

By creating a weak vibration wave super beautiful vibration "P-UP processing", it is possible to care for hair while styling.

A large titanium plate with high strength, corrosion resistance, and heat resistance and high thermal conductivity is adopted. It quickly conveys heat homogeneously and increases the emissivity of "super beautiful vibration". In addition, it is characterized by good slipping and less friction.

How to use

〇 How to use the basics

(1) Before using an iron, take the tangle of the hair with a comb etc. and adjust the face of the hair.

(2) Take a bundle of hair and pinch it so that it is flat with an iron. Let's slowly stretch to the tip of the hair while pressing.

〇Indouconsor arrangements - In-winding

Press while returning the wrist inward. Finish the finished ♪ the tip of the hair in an inner winding for a natural finish.

〇Olyssing arrangement - Braided hair

Return the iron 180 degrees inward and slowly turn it down to the tip of the hair while pressing it as it is. If you repeat, rolled hair is also.