Xtera p-up terahertzdryer Damage care with a dryer

XTERA P-UP Hairdryer nozzle

Xtera p-up terahertzdryer

Damage care with a dryer

A sense of moisture that super beautiful vibrations come true
Even if you care every day, the damage of the hair that you care about.
Various factors such as the environment such as ultraviolet rays and damage such as hair color and perm can be considered.
It is an item that can care for such hair damage with 100 things to use every day.


About Xtera p-up terahertzdryer

We have applied the latest technology, super beautiful vibration processing.

Low temperature design and ultra-beautiful vibration energy lead to high-quality beautiful hair.

* The low temperature design is not a hot air but a low temperature setting (about 80 °C) compared to the general dryer temperature (about 100 °C ~).

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XTERA P-UP Hairdryer nozzle

XTERA P-UP Hairdryer  nozzle