Teraactive Just stick it up and go to bed.

P-UP teraashituboshreet 15set

Just stick it up and go to bed.

The function of super-beauty vibration + powerful ore & herbs
Sheets containing highly active ore and herbs such as yomogi, which are good at discharge, are subjected to "ultra-beautiful vibration" (P-UP pe-up) processing to enhance the activation effect. As a result, it warms up to the back and backs up "power to regain energy" and "on-off switching of the body".


How to use

※ Paste the printed surface of the adhesive sheet to the dedicated adhesive sheet, and paste it on the place of concern, such as the sole.

You can put it on your hips, shoulders, chest, tummy, elbows, knee, calf, ankle, wrist, etc. ※ After use, remove the sheet and rinse with water.

Please pay attention

  • It is recommended to use it before a clean skin after bathing, and going to bed. This product is disposable. It is not possible to use it repeatedly.


IngredientsWood vinegar powder, bamboo vinegar powder, alumina silicate, tourmaline, yomogi powder, dodgy powder, lobe leaf powder, Ginseng, starch