BIORUBBER Starter kit The item that the body becomes energetic warm

BIORUBBER Starter kit

BIORUBBER Starter kit

The item that the body becomes energetic warm

Anyway, "Was it?"
The infrared rays emitted from BIORUBBER are absorbed from human skin, and it is thought that about 70% of the water molecules that make up the body are made to lively by the infrared rays.
The vibration is amplified by the energy of the water molecule, and the inside of the body is warmed by the movement.
※The thickness of the P type is 8.0mm, but the thickness of the starter kit is 2.5mm.
We are considering BIORUBBER products as a trial product to the last. Please use it as a customer's entrance product.


About BIORUBBER Starter kit

BIORUBBER emits infrared rays without using electricity.

In addition, BIORUBBER itself is a three-layer structure that integrates a knit structure woven with yarn vertically and horizontally on the main body of a synthetic rubber with an independent inclusion body (closed cell structure).

BIORUBBER is a new material that warms the body by using light energy. You can feel the warmth just by applying it to your skin for a few minutes. Since the material has an infrared spectral emissivity of 80% or more, infrared rays emitted from BIORUBBER are expected to be smoothly absorbed by the body.

How to use

Please use it at the time of daily life, work, sports.

Put "BIORUBBER" on a special cover and attach the silver surface from the top of the clothing so that it comes to the body side. You can also gently pat the place you care without putting any effort from the top of "BIORUBBER" with your hands.

Please pay attention

  • Special processing (bioorientation) is done, so please do not place it on a TV or microwave oven for a long period of time. Note: BIORUBBER does not need to be washed frequently.
  • If it gets dirty, rinse with water or lukewarm water.
  • Dry cleaning is not possible. Please be careful not to change the shape or cut the product.


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