Smarty Far Infrared Sweating Dome

Smarty F4-A5


Far Infrared Sweating Dome

Clean your body from the core
Just lying down for 30 minutes, sweat from all over the body and feel refreshed.
Even those who are hard to sweat will be prompted by Meguri by continuing to use "Smatty", and it will change as if you sweat.
It is not tired like after exercising, and the mood is Relax even after use.
It does not put a burden on the body.


About Smarty

It emits far infrared rays throughout the body in a dome type and sweats at 500cc to 1000cc in 30 minutes without a feeling of pressure.

It stretches and contracts according to height, and can be used for the person up to about 100kg in height 120-195cm weight.

When not in use, the upper and lower domes can be stacked and stored in small pieces.

After the order, i have received about five days by the delivery.

Accessories: Controller/ Reflective Mat / Neck Cover / Moisturizing Pillow


Upper large dome: width 72 × height 46 × length 90cm , 8.4kg

Lower small dome: width 61 × height 40 × length 90cm , 9.1kg

Electricity bill is about 20 yen per hour


Country of manufactureMade in Japan