Sirabe Invisible Bio Energy

Keitaiyo Shirabe

Invisible Bio Energy

Negatives to plus
A device with a completely new idea that in order to change the environment, you only have to change yourself.

The effective range is about 50 cm in radius. Even if having a "mobile Sirabe" increases the energy level and the negative factor is the same, it is less susceptible to negative factors by increasing your own energy level.


How to use

When the power is turned on, weak FM radio waves are emitted.

By being within the effective range of this radio wave, vitality is activated.

If you use batteries, you do not need an outlet. It will be a reassuring supporter who does not care about negative factors anytime, anywhere, not only while traveling with a train or car.

Keitaiyo Shirabe

In addition to wearing it directly, it is valid if it is within range even if it is placed in a bag or on a desk while working.

Please pay attention

  • This product is classified as "weak wireless device" under the Japanese Radio Law.
  • Since it transmits fm-band radio waves, please do not use it on airplanes or near equipment that may be affected by radio waves such as hospitals. (Use on aircraft is prohibited by aviation law.