Shakarenkon Lotus root powder

Shakarenkon 220g 4P


Lotus root powder

Iron abundance
Mineral Food, such as Iron and Calcium, and Dietary Fiber Food are abundant. The alkaline and positive lotus root is supplement, which has been widely used in the private sector for a long time. No preservatives or bleach.


About Shakarenkon

It is a product that can be used easily and deliciously, powdered mainly with the nodes and roots of domestic lotus root.

How to use

Instead of Tea at the time of meal

Food and ing Coffee

Miso soup, udon, Soba, curry, simmered

Tempura clothes.

Please add an appropriate amount to pancakes, zenzai, etc.

Please pay attention

  • Please save away from high temperature, humidity, direct sunlight.


Product TypeFood
Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsLotus root, red beans, soybeans, wheat germ, brown rice germ, ginger