Qi Power Bathsalt Bath Salt with Natural Mineral Food

Qi Power Bathsalt 200g

Qi Power Bathsalt

Bath Salt with Natural Mineral Food

Skin Smooth
Bath salt is made by patenting mineral food rich salts and fired at high heat. The salt components of the salt field and the high reducing power of the grilled salt wash the skin and keep it healthy.


About Qi Power Bathsalt

"Qi Power Bathsalt" is a baking salt that is baked salts that are crystallized only by the power of nature and fired at high temperature using a unique method.

You can easily refresh your body by refreshing tiredness and excess.

It has high reducing power, so it keeps your skin healthy.

It is recommended for those who are interested in coldness and those who aim for beautiful skin.

How to use



Please pay attention

  • 本品は食用ではありません。
  • 高熱熟成した焼き塩のためお湯に溶けきらない成分が浮遊・沈殿する場合がありますが、お湯に含まれる無機物ですので品質には問題ございません。
  • お風呂のお湯を抜いた後は、浴槽やお湯の出入口などをシャワーなどでよく洗ってください。そのままにしておくと風呂釜を傷める恐れがあります。
  • 24時間風呂などの循環風呂釜でのご使用はおやめください。
  • お肌に合わないときは、ご使用をおやめください。


Product TypeBath salts
Country of manufactureKorea