pupmamoru Coating solution for Electromagnethic Wave


Coating solution for Electromagnethic Wave

Support for a comfortable smartphone life
"pupmamoru", a dependative coating agent that protects us from artificial electromagnetic waves of smartphones! While efficiently reducing electromagnetic waves, it fuses with the fine vibration wave "Super Beauty Vibration P-UP Wave" adopted in beauty and health items, protects the body from its influence, and supports a comfortable smartphone life!


About pupmamoru

・ In one box, about 4 smartphones coated on both sides!

With this one box, a double-sided coat for 4 cars is possible with a smartphone of any size (8 cars on one side). Please use it with your family.

・ The magnetic field reduction rate of artificial electromagnetic waves is about 90%!

Protect your smartphone with the highest level of coating hardness!

Blue light cut!

Operation is smooth!

How to use

More than 10 years of durability in one work! [Working time standard: 5 to 10 minutes on one side]

(2) Wipe off the dirt on the smartphone.

(3) Apply the "MaMoRu" solution to the smartphone with the lid attached to the container, spread it, s gush water, stretch it, and wipe it off. Repeat this task three times to complete it.


※ Manufacturer repair is available even after coating.

※ Please use up the solution after opening the aluminum package for about one month. If left, it can be stored in the freezer for a year without hardening.

※ If it is a smartphone, you can coat up to 4 units on one side at any size.

※ It takes about 30 days to cure to the equivalent of 10H. It can be used immediately after construction, but be careful not to touch hard metal.