Power Up Nebukuro Warming firmly with heat storage effect

Power Up Nebukuro

Warming firmly with heat storage effect

It is safe to put it on the car.
It is safe to put it on the car. It is a sleeping bag of the size of more than double size if I open it.
Although it is a sleeping bag, there are many factors that contribute to fatigue recovery. It is a gem that I want you to prepare with emergency food.


About Power Up Nebukuro

If you open the zipper, you can use it as a usual Bedding. In addition, if used in kotatsu, it contributes to power saving from its heat storage property. It is also recommended for daily naps and naps at work.

What is Aura Stone?

"Aura Stone" emits far infrared rays of wavelengths close to human.

In order to make use of this characteristic in the "health method to warm" , "Aura Stone" was made into ultrafine particle powder, and "Aura fiber" was kneaded into the fiber.

By applying it to the skin, the natural warmth increases, and it does not use electricity, and warms the body from the core.

"Aura fiber" realizes warmth and health at the same time.

Happy features

1. Warm firmly with heat storage effect

2. Electricity bill is 0 yen

3. Warm but hard to stuff

4. Far infrared rays exert power

5. Natural antibacterial

6. Natural deodorant

Size: 200 × 100 (200 at full opening) × 5cm

Color: Wine (medium surface is beige)

Weight: about 2.5kg


With the lower part, until now "when you open the zipper, it has become full open",

For reinforcement, the corner part is now a specification that does not become fully open.

Please confirm it in the product image.

How to use

※ We do not accept returns after use. Thank you for your understanding.


Country of manufactureJapan
Ingredients100% polyester, 100% medium/polyester (containing natural ore)

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