Pitatto Sun Milk This is one for UV protection. Can be used for the face, body, and whole body

Pitatto Sun Milk 5P

This is one for UV protection. Can be used for the face, body, and whole body

It has a good feeling of use, uses a lot of natural raw materials, and the UV effect is SPF30 PA+++, and it firmly guards your skin from strong ultraviolet rays.

It is a set of five


About Pitatto Sun Milk

As a measure to avoid natural insects, the best-selling Japanese Soken "Aroma Blend Oil Mushi" and

UV cream is now together. In addition, it contains plenty of natural ingredients as a moisturizing and anti-inflammatory ingredient.

Contains horse oil to care for your skin

Scent that insects dislike

Easy to drop with soap

"Ultraviolet absorber" is not used

Plenty of organic ingredients

Uv effect is SPF30 PA+++, firmly guard your skin from strong ultraviolet rays.

The point of UV cream quality is how many natural raw materials are used, and how to disperse the UV raw material (titanium oxide),

It is whether to produce an effect on average when applied. This product is a research period of about three years,

After UV testing, etc., we completed "Insect Avoidance Plus Sunscreen" which had many customer requests.

The feeling of use is good, and there is no familiar white rest. After use, you can easily drop it with soap.

We do not use ultraviolet absorbers that cause rough skin so that small children can use it with peace of mind.

Natural ingredients (for compounding purposes):

Organic aloe vera leaf water (moisturizing, anti-inflammatory), organic shea butter (UV, moisture retention, anti-inflammatory),

Organic lavender water (moisturizing, anti-inflammatory), Nippon Soken horse oil (moisturizing, anti-inflammatory),

Sakura leaf extract (whitening, anti-inflammatory) cedarwood (insect avoidance), citronella (insect avoidance),

Peppermint (insect avoidance), lemongrass (insect avoidance), eucalyptus (insect avoidance),

Sunflower oil (moisturizing), glycyrrhithin (anti-inflammatory) derived from other radishes, coconut oil,

We use emulsifiers and component modifiers derived from palm oil.

These goods have the other line-ups

Pitatto Sun Milk 24P

Pitatto Sun Milk 24P

It is a set of 24 pieces


How to use

1. Please use it so that a small amount is stretched evenly.

2. When you drop, please wash carefully with soap. Please stop using it when it does not fit your skin.

Please pay attention

  • Avoid hot and humid places and store. When not in use for a long time, it is recommended to store in the refrigerator.


IngredientsAloevera leaf water, titanium oxide, triethylhexanoine, isohexadecane, shea butter, horse oil, Al stearate, alumina, jojoba oil, lavender water, stearless-2, polyhydroxystealic acid, steares-21, polysorbate 80, Alkylcopolymer Na, hydrogenated polyisopten, phospholipids, polyglyceryl stearate-10, sunflower oil, Someiyoshino leaf extract (sakura leaf extract), glycyrrhizic acid 2K, BG, water, lauryl carbamate inulin, Citronella oil, eucalyptus oil, Atlas Cedar bark oil, lemongrass oil, pepper