Oryzae Em Enzyme Powder

Oryzae M 60pcs - Enzyme Powder

Oryzae Em

Enzyme Powder

Wild plant Mineral Food coaleste
Vegetable Fermentation Supplement
Stable cultivation of koji mold, yeast, lactic acid bacteria, and useful bacteria. Contains Kidachiaroe Dokudami.
It is a fermentation Supplement that does not use any additives and adds "wild plant Mineral Food" to the oryzae made only with natural materials.


About Oryzae Em

The "Oryzae" supported by 67 years of history was added 10% of the wild plant Mineral Food, which baked wild grass at 2000 degrees.

Synergy with the work of "Wild Plant Mineral Food" with the working of Oryzae and the power of wild reduction.

It is a fermentation Supplement that creates beauty from the core of the body, which was born by adding "wild plant Mineral Food" with high reducing power to Oryzae made with only natural materials without using any additives.

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Oryzae M 60pcs 2case - Enzyme Powder

Oryzae M 60pcs 2case - Enzyme Powder

Two boxes set with points to be advantageous


How to use

Please enjoy one to three bags a day in water or white water.

Because it is a fermentation Supplement, it is fine if you eat it when you like, but if you eat it after meals and before going to bed, it will be easier to absorb it into the body and promote the activity of Enzyme.

Please pay attention

  • Keep away from high temperature, high humidity, and direct sunlight.
  • This product is not a combination of chemicals. Please do not mistake it for a medicine.
  • This product does not use preservatives, colorings, or additives.


Product TypeFood
Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsBarley, Barley, Yeast, Lactobacillus, Wild Plant Minerals, Rice Bran, Malt, Gidachi aroe, Dokudami