Oryzae Genki Suiso 400 Hydogen Supplement

Oryzae Hydogen 400 60pcs - Hydogen Supplement

Hydogen Supplement

Vegetable Fermentation Supplement
Stable cultivation of koji bacteria, yeast, lactic acid bacteria, and useful bacteria. Contains kidachi aloe dododami.
It does not use any additives and is made only with natural materials.


About Oryzae Genki Suiso 400

The Hydrogen Blending power and the trusted Enzyme power "Oryzae" combine scombines two forces that are essential to a person's body.

It contains about 2.5 times the enzyme powder in one bag, about 2.5 times that of Oryzae.

400mg of negative Hydrogen Blending ions that attract attention as a measure against "rusting",

The power of Hydrogen Blending and oxygen is condensed into one.

It works to make life activities progress smoothly.

Make up for Enzyme swell and live a healthy life.

"Eat minus Hydrogen Blending ions" that generate Hydrogen Blending from natural edible coral Calcium. It generates Hydrogen Blending for a long time in the body, combines with harmful active oxygen, converts it into water, and calcium can be ingested together.

How to use

It is recommended to drink with water or white water before meals, one or two bags a day to maintain good health, and three or four bags for those who are in bad condition.

It is more effective to eat with vitaminC fruit juice drink.

Please pay attention

  • This product is not a chemical compound. Please do not be mistaken for a medicine.
  • This product does not cure the disease by the large amount of intake or to improve health more. Please observe the intake of the day.
  • This product is different from supplement for specific health use and is not subject to individual review by the Consumer Agency.


Product TypeFood
Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsBarley, wheat bran, yeast, lactic acid bacteria, hydrogen ion calcium, rice bran, malt, mustet aloe, doudami, wild plant minerals