Oreno de bann TWEBS Dental Paste Antimicrobial Power of Kumasasa

Oreno de bann TWEBS Dental Paste Medicinal 40g

Antimicrobial Power of Kumasasa

It is a fragrance that is savour like an herb.
Dentists point out that synthetic surfactants and sweeteners that foam, an ingredient used in toothpaste, can damage tooth enamel.
We do not use abrasives, preservatives, fragrances or colorants.


About Oreno de bann TWEBS Dental Paste

Because it is an additive-free toothpaste that does not use preservatives, fragrances, colorants, etc., you can use it with peace of mind for children.

The active ingredient that can be expected to be effective in the prevention of periodontal disease and alveolar pus leakage is blended.

The smell of mint is very refreshing in the sweet taste like black Sugar! It is moderate freshness recommended for the person who is too hot in a usual toothpaste.

High concentrationkumazasa food extract (TWEBS) is a high concentration that has been revealed by joint research with the university.

Researchers and doctors in various fields have demonstrated the effect.

With the completion of medicinal medicine (non-medical products), dentists who specialize in preventive dentistry have also been actively recommended.

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Oreno de bann TWEBS Dental Paste Medicinal 40g

Oreno de bann TWEBS Dental Paste Medicinal 40g

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Product TypeQuasi-drugs
Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsKumazasa extract, tocopherol acetate, isopropyl methylphenol, calcium phosphate for toothpaste, calcium phosphate for toothpaste, silicic anhydride, carboxymethyl, sodium cellulose, glycerin, sodium lauroyl glutamic acid, haka oil, xylitol, malic acid

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