Okuchi Kuchu Kuchu 30 second Mouthwash

Okuchi Kuchu Kuchu 30second 12ml 30pcs - Mouthwash

Okuchi Kuchu Kuchu 30 second


30 seconds anytime, anywhere
Mouth wash
Refreshing mouth.
Mouthwash recommended for measures such as odors and plaque to be worried about.


About Okuchi Kuchu Kuchu 30 second

A mouthwash recommended for measures such as mouth odor and plaque.

With the power of water and various extracts treated with Bio Energy technology, the dirt (protein) remaining in the mouth is removed and the inside of the mouth is refreshed.

With the deodorizing function by protein removal and propolis extract by cha leaf extract, breath refreshing ♪

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How to use

When you are worried about the smell of your mouth, please spit it out with a package of 12ml in your mouth for about 30 seconds.

※Because there is a case that dirt remains in the mouth, it is recommended that you have it shake again with water after use.

Please pay attention

  • It is not an oral liquid.
  • In order to maintain quality, please be careful not to mix tap water in this liquid.
  • There may be precipitation and floats, but there is no problem in the quality. In that case, please shake this product before use it.
  • The color, taste, aroma, etc. may be different for each product, but this is due to the raw materials derived from plants.


Product TypeMouthwash
Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsWater, ethanol, glycerin, PG, honey extract, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, royal jelly, honey, propolis extract, lemon juice, cha leaf extract, menthol, seiyo haka oil, cyclodextrin, citric acid, citric acid Na