Maguro no Tikara Tubu Purified fish oil capsules

Maguro no Tikara Tubu 180pcs

Purified fish oil capsules

Body balance
Supplement to fatty acids with high content natural DHA and EPA vitaminD-E tuna oil rustling ingredients, within the missing tend to be the balance in the body.
Tuna is fast since I was born, Ocean 10-20 years while continue to swim. Such stamina to keep tuna is a treasure house of nutrition. Manufactured with the world's first hybrid extracted without compromising its tuna nutrients as possible.


About Maguro no Tikara Tubu

Without compromising the active ingredients of natural vitamin in vacuum and low-temperature hybrid manufacturing process, patented the world's first tuna oil extracts.

Successfully eliminate trans-fatty acids and other toxic substances, including abundant natural vitaminD and vitaminE difficult to oxidize and tuna fish oil refinery. DHA EPA usually is added, vitaminE, Maguro no Tikara Tubu all natural additives such as antioxidants uses does not.

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Maguro no Tikara Tubu 180pcs 2set

Maguro no Tikara Tubu 180pcs 2set

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How to use

1, 6 grain morning after dinner at three water, warm water, take a drink, and vary depending on condition, please. For purposes of maintaining health 1, 3 grain is estimated.

Please pay attention

  • Avoid direct sunlight keep dry airy dark.

Questions and Answers

Raw material uses no tuna?

Using the vinchoumagro and yellowfin tuna tuna raw material used.

Raw tuna is natural? or is it culture?

Tuna is used with specially selected natural products only.

Do you is it taken from the fresh tuna?

Uses on board and kept at minus 70 degrees and landed, as warehouse of minus 70 degrees with sashimi and the captured by longline tuna used.

Do you is it taken from the part of tuna?

Are extracted using a patented hybrid extraction (vacuum at low temperature and high pressure extraction).

* Natural vitaminD and E without breaking at low temperature, vacuum, extract, extraction.

* When back to normal pressure, pressure from removal such as arsenic, mercury and heavy metals. Without contact with air during the * extract, which contains a lot of natural vitaminE very easily oxidized.

Additives used?

Very difficult to oxidize, so do not use no additives or additive-free and manufactured at a colorant, thirtysomethings are bleached.

There is said to be not good for trans fatty acids?

Addition of Hydrogen Blending oils and trans fatty acids or entirely included in the product will occur during the extraction at high temperature and low temperature extracted from the tuna for sashimi.

Is it OK to feed kids?

Assured children must remove toxic substances such as heavy metals, arsenic and mercury, as well as eating.

Because it contains abundant nutrients on the growth of children need DHA and EPA can recommend.


Product TypeFood
IngredientsRefined tuna fish oil, gelatin (derived from fish), glycerin