The long-awaited 2.5-minute-length pants are new to the Qi Meguri series.
Compared to leggings that are up to the ankle The scene that can be used such as under the skirt and pants spread. It is a strong ally of the cold prevention.


About Kimegurinanamepants

Through the secret wisdom "blood road therapy" that has been handed down to Japan for a long time, we lift the muscles around the tummy and thighs that fall by gravity, and smooth the meguri of the mind. It is pants of a new sense that the lower abdomen stabilizes by the yawn, and the tummy circumference becomes warm and warm.

How to use

It is OK even if one piece is made as shorts.

Because there is no rubber, the hip joint and the thigh are not tightened, and it is comfortable easily. Qi Meguri Lick2.5 Minutes Heavy Kimeguri Leggings On Top of Pants. In that case, Kimeguri Leggings recommends one size. Support the body without stress, so that you go around pokapoca. On the contrary, it is OK even if i am on leggings.

Please pay attention

  • ※I make it to give a little margin to the outside hem part so as not to interfere with Meguri.
  • In some cases, there is a case to float a little, but there is no problem in the functionality of the product. *We do not allow sanitary products to be returned after they have been worn.
  • Please understand it beforehand. ※Please use the net at the time of washing, and shape it promptly after washing and dry it in the shade.
  • Do not use the Drying machine.
  • ※Please avoid washing with other things because there is a possibility of discoloration to some extent.
  • ※Please use the detergent which does not contain the fluorescent whitening agent.
  • *This product is not for medical use. ※ For handmade, slightly size error occurs. Thank you for your understanding.


Ingredients95% cotton, 5% polyurethane