3D Kabara Master Chi Prana knows the energy of life field

3D Kabbala Master Cube

Chi Prana knows the energy of life field

Set up and normalize your life place
By wearing "3D Kabara" or placing it in the same space, you can normalize the grid, incorporate enough vital energy from the space, and feel vitality.



IngredientsMade of crystal glass

This brand has the other line-ups

Black Eye Add healing to places you care about, such as pain and stiffness

3D Kabara Prepare distorted energy

Kusuripicture "Yakue"


Gaia Power

Koridora Eye Band

Maxmini Reduced magnetic fields, electric fields and microwaves

Kuu Neru Makura A new idea of a good sleep pillow

Koridora Eye Chip Supplementing geomagnetism to promote blood circulation

Taruman Elephants Pillow Pillows to eliminate sagging and swelling