Embalance Leggings Comfortable fit

Embalance Fulll Lggings

Embalance Leggings

Comfortable fit

Great for wearing
Waist tape is a lace-like stretch material.
It is also recommended to take advantage of fashionable items.
L-LL (Hip 95-113cm) S-M (Hip 85-98cm)


About Embalance Leggings

Embalance processed fibers are materials that create comfort and relaxing feeling. The antioxidant effect of the material improves the thermal insulation and activity power, and keeps the body in good condition by its own power. It is hard to be mure, softly warm, comfortable wearing comfort.


Country of manufactureMade in Japan
IngredientsCotton 44% Nylon 32% Polyester 21% (EMB Processed) Polyester 3%

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