Embalance Steam Box Easy and speedy cooking in the microwave

Embalance Steambox S

Embalance Steam Box

Easy and speedy cooking in the microwave

You can easily cook boiled and steamed dishes in the microwave. Since water is not used, it is hard to escape the nutritional value and can cook hot vegetables quickly.
Because it is with the monkey, steaming dish is also possible.
Because it is embalance material, it is most suitable as a storage container. 
Lid, valve, main body, monkey/-20~ 140

Approx. 17 x 15 x 8.5 cm in height


About Embalance Steam Box

Embalance is a material with excellent antioxidant power. It can be used repeatedly, and the effect is semi-permanent.

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Embalance Steambox L

Embalance Steambox L

Approx. 23 x 16 x Height 10.2cm


How to use

Because the air valve sticks, please make it to [open] at the time of heating and [closing] at the time of saving.

Please pay attention

  • After purchase, please use after washing.
  • Do not put it on the soba on fire.
  • It cannot be used directly in the oven or grill.
  • When using an automatic dishwasher Drying machine, follow the instruction manual of the automatic dishwasher Drying machine.
  • There is a possibility that the juice leaks if i shake it and shake it.
  • Please avoid it because it will scratch when rubbing and washing with hard stuff such as deflection and brushing powder.
  • There is no problem in the quality though the one that the smell is too strong might stick to the container and it is not possible to take it easily.
  • When pumpkins, carrots, etc. are heat-cooked, they may be transferred to a container, but there are no quality issues.
  • When using a microwave oven, check the instruction manual of the microwave oven and use it.
  • Please avoid heating with a lot of oily Supplement (tempura, fried, etc.) or supplement with little moisture.
  • Do not use supplement (chocolate, etc.) with a lot of sugar for cooking.
  • Suddenly the temperature may rise and exceed the heat resistance temperature. Do not cover with metal, such as aluminum foil. Sparks are scattered and dangerous.
  • Do not use for heating with auto sensors or simultaneous heating with oven functions. Be sure to specify the Number of Ws.
  • When using a microwave oven, open the heating/storage switching valve.


Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsLid, valve, body, monkey: enbalanced polypropylene

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