Embalance Socks To the beautiful woman of the slender leg

Embalance Sliming Socks

Embalance Socks

To the beautiful woman of the slender leg

Effective for shape up
Keep your legs all day long with embalance material and a comfortable tightening feeling that has a healing effect. I wear it smoothly and tighten a leg with a feeling and show it slim.

Size: M... 22~23.5cm L... 23.5 to 25.5cm Color: Black


About Embalance Socks

Pressure-sensitive socks are very popular among women. The foot is refreshing by adjusting the pressure step by step! It is also recommended for shape up.

Mineral Food uses Embeddalance materials with special technology.

It is a happy socks that support beautiful legs.

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Embalance Sliming Socks 3set

Embalance Sliming Socks 3set

Three-legged set with points


Please pay attention

  • The claws of the limbs should be smoothed and anything that hurts the socks.
  • Do not wear two pieces of wear or while bending the rubber part.
  • Do not use this product for medical purposes.


Product TypeSocks
IngredientsMaterial: 39.9% cotton, 28.5% nylon, 25.8% polyurethane, 5.8% polyurethane

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