Embalance Pitcher The water is mellow.

Embalance Pitcher 2.L

Embalance Pitcher

The water is mellow.

Because I can put it vertically and horizontally, it is convenient to save a refrigerator.
It fits perfectly in the side pocket of the refrigerator.
It is a heat-resistant type that can be filled with hot Tea and hot water.

Heat-resistant temperature (handle with cap and lid) -20 to 140(main body) -30 to 100-100-packing-30-140 Size: 15 x 9.9 x 28 (cm)


About Embalance Pitcher

It is a breakthrough plastic that uses the resin which does not generate chlorine gas even if it burns, and has the effect of preventing deterioration and promoting aging. Keep the freshness of the supplement and let the water feel mellow. The effect is not to wash nor fall.

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Embalance Pitcher 1.3L Small

Embalance Pitcher 1.3L Small



Product TypeKitchenware
Country of manufactureJapan
Ingredients(Handle with cap and lid) polypropylene (body) Embalance AS resin (packing) silicon rubber

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