Embalance Bearmcover Stylish UV Protection

Embalance Uv Arm Cover

Embalance Bearmcover

Stylish UV Protection

Protects against ultraviolet light
"Embalance" is a plastic that has the power to suppress deterioration and rot. The arm cover with the Embalance material protects the arms and hands from the strong sunlight. It is cool in the line of the watermark pattern ♪

Size: Length approx. 57cm (stretch) Weight: 1 piece approx. 15g (30g in 2 pieces) color: Black/White


About Embalance Bearmcover

Protect your arms and hands from the light-drenched ultraviolet rays.

It is perfect for driving a car or riding a bicycle or motorbike. In addition, it is recommended for shopping, leisure, sports watching, beach walking, etc.


Product TypeARM cover
IngredientsMaterial: 40% Polyester (38% polyester), 58% cotton, 1% nylon

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