P-UP crea curldryer Negative ions and ultra-fine vibrations make hair more beautiful

P-UP crea Haircurldryer

Negative ions and ultra-fine vibrations make hair more beautiful

Ultra-fine vibration improves shine and shine
Claire Curl dryer of "ultra-fine vibration wave P-UP" series. It is a sister product of the popular "Xterra" series by finishing it with beautiful glossy hair full of moisture, and realizes the hair set easily while drying.


About P-UP crea curldryer

"Super beautiful vibration" is a type of far infrared rays that can be expected to draw out beauty and health from the inside with vibrations of as many as 1 trillion times per second. "P-UP Claire Curl Dryer" utilizes its "super beautiful vibration", adds more negative ions, leads to beautiful hair.

Size: Width 5.1 × height 21.7× depth 4 .6cm (body only)

Width 5.1 × Height 33.4× Depth 4 .6cm (With Brush)

Weight: 355g (including brush, cord not included)

Code: About 1.7m

Power consumption: 350W (100/200V) 500W (120/240V)

Airflow: DRY (strong) / SET (weak)

Hot air temperature: About 90°C

Power Supply: AC100-120V / 200-240V 50/60Hz

Safety device: Overtemperature prevention device (thermostat, temperature fuse)

* If the overtemperature prevention device is activated, unplug the power cord and cool the main unit.

Accessories: Styling blowbrush/ C type conversion plug (for overseas only)

Warranty: 1 year