P-UP Crea Hairdryer dryer

shampoo sommelier P-UP crea Hairdryer


Improves treatment power
Shampoo Sommelier P-UP Crea Hairdryer is a new product in the "Ultra-Fine Vibration Wave P-UP" series. While drying with a dryer, glossy hair like a treatment.


About P-UP Crea Hairdryer

"Ultra-beautiful vibration P-UP wave" is a type of far infrared rays that can be expected to draw out beauty and health from the inside with as much as 1 trillion vibrations per second. The newly developed front grille increases the emissivity of P-UP waves. Along with that, the quick drying power has also been improved.

※ It is a type that does not fold.

Color: Black / White

Size: Width 23.6× Height 21.3× Depth 7.5cm

Weight: 510g (code not included)

Code: About 3.0m

Power Supply: AC100V 50/60Hz

Power consumption: 1000w (turbo mode hot air)

Hot air temperature: Approx. 90°C (at ambient temperature 30°C, DRY)

Airflow: TURBO: 1.1m3/min, DRY: 0.95m3/min, SET:0.65m3/min

Accessories: 1 × hood

Warranty: 6 months


Country of manufactureJapan