Camel slippers Hot water absorption

Camel Slippers

Hot water absorption

The warmth of surprise
It is a soft and comfortable indoor wear made of long hair of a camel called camel.
The secret of warmth is that a layer of warm air is made in the middle of a long hair foot, and a cold outside air is shut out. The camel's thin hairs are breathing, so even if you sweat, it will keep you scratch-resistant and comfortable temperature and humidity.
Weight: M approx. 190g L approx. 210g


About Camel slippers

Even if it is said camel, the quality is various. Camel slippers are made of camel hair with thin, long head camel hair. From there, a deep healing with a fluffy feel that can not be said to be anything, and a comfort that warms up to the core are created.

Quality uses only high-quality raw materials that have passed strict inspections by the Japan Inspection Association(*).

* An inspection organization established as a public interest corporation from a third-party standpoint.

Please pay attention

  • Inspected by The Hair Products Inspection Association
  • You can wash it at home using a mild detergent. If you are using a washing machine, please put it in the net.
  • Please refrain from using tumbler Drying as it may cause shrinking.


Country of manufactureCamel (Mongolian) made in Japan
Ingredients[Outside] Ground: 50% polyester, 50% acrylic / pile: 50% camel, 50% acrylic [inner upper and outer] ground: 100% polyester / pile: 100% caramel [bottom] ground: 50% polyester, 50% acrylic / pile: camel 50%, acrylic 50% [bottom material] polyester [bottom core material] EVA