Buckyballpadoma Mental and physical health and high-dimensional wisdom



Mental and physical health and high-dimensional wisdom

We will help you to make better relationships with the subconscious inside you and help you realize your aspirations.


About Buckyballpadoma

By combining buckyball and the tree of life (Padma), we will prepare the life field and support to take in high-dimensional energy!

How to use

Put a kabbalra over your head and say your wishes.

- Chanting words (1) [cane that does not decay]

The light of the earth pours down from the foot, and the light of the universe pours down from the top of the head, and a light rises on the body. The light extends straight to the center of the earth...

- Chanting words (2) [7 beads unsealed]

The light is lit up in seven beads along the path of light which is made in the center axis of the body to be awakened by this word. And in the beads, a figure written in golden light continues to rotate.

- Chanting words (3) [transparent mirror that reflects everything]

With these words as a signal, when light is emanating in all squares from the center of the seven beads, the mind becomes transparent as if the clouds that had been covered were cleared.

- Say a wish in the words of the form that has already come true.

For example, "the symptoms of ○○ have completely disappeared".



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