Bamboo Bath water Zero chemical composition

Bamboolaundry Bath Water 550ml

Bamboo Bath water

Zero chemical composition

All-purpose Water for washing and bathing
It is a cleaning agent of the type that does not foam.
In the bath, the body is warmed from the core as a weak alkaline hot spring with plenty of bamboo Fineral Food.
It also prevents mold and bad odors in washing tanks and drain pipes. 100% natural ingredients, so sensitive skin such as babies
It is also safe.


About Bamboo Bath water

The bamboo cleaning liquid series is made by utilizing bamboo forests left to protect forests and the sea. Japanese bamboo is rich in Mineral Food, so it has excellent cleaning power.

In addition, since the soap base used is completely decomposed after 24 hours, it is a detergent that is friendly to us and the earth, so that drainage does not stain the environment. It also removes dirt well.

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Bamboolaundry Bath Water 550ml

Bamboolaundry Bath Water 550ml

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Bamboolaundry Bath Water 100ml 2set

Bamboolaundry Bath Water 100ml 2set

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How to use


20-minute storage type. Gently decomposes the dirt in 20 minutes. After that, wash normally. Rinse is OK in one time. It can also be used for hemp, silk, wool and rayon.


IngredientsBamboo charcoal extract mineral water, bamboo charcoal ash extract mineral water